Since I was a child, something about the written word has always gripped me, and when I wasn’t at the barn, you could find me at the library. Animals have always been a major aspect of my life, and I was deemed “horse crazy” as a child. Having ridden horses since I was ten, I bought my first horse (an ex-racehorse) just before my senior year of college.

I attended Westfield State University where I majored in English with a concentration in writing (and, being determined to also pursue my love of music, double majored in music performance on the flute). While in college I also completed the 200-hour equine massage course at the Bancroft School of Massage, and am now a certified equine massage therapist. After graduating college I worked as a veterinary receptionist where I gained a wealth of knowledge on small animal health and care, and I have been able to put this knowledge to use in my writing. Today I put that experience and knowledge to use in writing accurate content on both equine and pet topics.

My work has previously appeared in The Equine JournalThe Mighty, Above the RailDirt Road DaughtersHorse Junkies UnitedThe Stable Woman GazetteBarnmice, and Massachusetts Horse Magazine, among others. I have also written blogs for major equine companies and my marketing content can be found in numerous websites and materials.

While I enjoy writing about a wide variety of subjects, much of my writing seems to naturally center around the topics of horses and animals. Today I use my passion for animals to craft content that can better help businesses reach their clients and audiences.

Effective content is more than just words on a page. Find out how I can help your business through professionally written copy.